Undergraduate Study Abroad

Voting While You're Studying Abroad (U.S. citizens)

We encourage students to stay civically engaged while abroad.

U.S. citizens can vote in U.S. elections while studying abroad. The U.S. embassy and website for your host country will provide voting abroad resources. In some countries, you can fill out your ballot online. 

Determine if you are registered to vote, and in which state. Your state of residence can be either your home state or your college state, but you can only register to vote in one state. Look up deadlines for ballots and for requesting absentee ballots.


The US Government's official page regarding voting abroad.
Step-by-step IES Abroad guide on how to vote while studying abroad.
A full breakdown on how to vote abroad from Weekend Student Adventures Europe
Brown partners with TurboVote to make sure you always know when elections are happening and have the information you need to vote with confidence. Sign up to receive election reminders, get registered to vote and even apply for your absentee ballot! Conducted through the Swearer Center.