Undergraduate Study Abroad

Health & Safety

Resources and tips for staying healthy and safe while abroad.

While overseas, on-site staff are available to help students seek care in the event of a medical emergency. They also facilitate orientations to help students understand any risks specific to the area where they are studying abroad.

Student safety  abroad is carefully monitored by global overseas staff  and domestic Brown staff. We work with students during the pre-departure process to prepare them for their surroundings, and educate them on what to expect in their new environment. Should a student ever feel unsafe while abroad,  they should immediately speak with the on-site staff.

Important Contact Information

As a precautionary measure, keep emergency contact numbers of various family members in one place (such as in your phone or in a Google doc) so that you can access them quickly. In addition, it is always important to keep contact information for your host family or roommates, program/resident director, and the study abroad advising team. If you are traveling over weekends or breaks, please be sure to provide the program/resident director with your cell phone number and any travel itinerary in case they need to contact you while you are traveling. 


International SOS is emergency travel assistance coverage provided for all students studying abroad through Brown University.

Additional Topics

If you take prescription medication or over-the-counter medication on a regular basis, research its availability and legality in your host country before going abroad.
Sexual harassment is a particularly difficult area because of the extreme variance in acceptable behavior between cultures.